17. Mke wa mtu sumu, mume wa mtu maziwa

17. Mke wa mtu sumu, mume wa mtu maziwa

Regardless of what shameless you are, you simply cannot fart if you find yourself wooing a female. Hahah! Just who even thinks of undertaking that?

While trying to earn a lady, you’ll always put your better foot send, farting can also be harm all of it for you. However, which funny Swahili like quotation also means there are products that individuals need cover-up our very own genuine selves to achieve. Wooing is merely but included in this.

This type of Swahili terms discourage men off engaging in sexual relations having hitched ladies. It results in 'someone’s wife is poison, however, somebody’s husband was milk’.

Funny, is not they? It ensures that a wedded girl was hazardous if you are a married child was a source. A wedded kid try an enthusiastic antidote to your temptress’ trouble.

18. Silaha ni pesa, bunduki ni mizigo tu

Money is the real weapon; a weapon merely baggage. Therefore, it estimate says to visitors to search ye first the latest kingdom out-of money, upcoming firearms might possibly be extra.

19. Gari quand utajiri, ni usafiri

‘A motor vehicle isn’t money; it’s to possess travel’. The truth that individuals possess a motor vehicle cannot create your rich. An automobile simply to own transport and should not become a measure of wide range.

So it price further appeals to fascination with humankind unlike papers-chasing after, and that people value given that actual cause for life.

20. Kipara bila pesa ni kovu

To be hairless in place of money also means that you will never have a motor vehicle to protect on your own about hot sun; hence it’s better than a scar. In addition implies that baldness in place of money is a remembrance out-of all the sufferings one should read so you’re able to fend to own themselves.

21. Ukipenda wasichana wa shule nunulia mkeo sare

’If you like school women, buy university consistent to suit your wife’. You can find partnered boys just who cannot wait on the having sexcapades that have school lady; it offer is actually for him or her.

This will be one of the recommended funny Swahili prices which can never ever lack meaning while the hitched boys cannot avoid preying into the college or university people.

Other than warning married guys against intimate immorality which have schoolgirls, it signifies that there isn’t any difference in people. You can always help make your partner just like the attractive since the lady the thing is that in other places.

22. Nyani haoni kundule

’A monkey cannot come across their bottom’. It Swahili price is actually for those people who are quick to help you criticize people, yet , he has got constraints and you will problems they won’t know away from.

It is a replica of one’s biblical parable you to definitely talks of some one viewing an excellent speck an additional person’s eyes Dog-Dating-Sites kostenlos, but really they can not understand the sign in his attention. This offer is also funny given the Luo parody that implies the exact same thing; ‘Nyani haoni Kolunde.’

23. Maskini akipata matako hulia mbwata

Regardless of if maybe not with ease interpreted in person, it estimate talks of what goes on when a negative guy becomes steeped. The guy suggests it off, alter his routines, abandons their enough time-time family unit members, and you will becomes boastful inside the the latest financial and you will social standing.

It offer was also translated in another way in seaside region, with folks believing that they have too much to eat whenever they expand rich.

twenty four. Mficha uchi hazai

Just what concerns your face when nakedness are stated? Individual! You were trained that nakedness is a secret affair, however, which Swahili offer contradicts you to definitely standard.

It broadly usually means that 'whoever hides her nakedness does not happen good child’, it have a deeper meaning. The guy which hides his sorrows dont get help. It’s one of the popular Swahili sentences having deep definition.

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