From the next Reward Complications, Natalie emerged winning more Jaclyn

From the next Reward Complications, Natalie emerged winning more Jaclyn

She exiled Alec and you may chose Jaclyn and you can Jon to become listed on the girl towards the reward. However, Natalie chose the young couple just like the she desired to further build her or him unsuspecting out-of an effective blindside. Natalie next chose to enact her revenge into the Jon. Natalie advised Baylor regarding their bundle and you will shared with her not to ever share with her mother regarding the Jon’s blindside. Even in the event she is actually embarrassing regarding making the girl mom out in the black, Baylor is willing to choose out Jon. But not, Jon claimed personal immune system. Jon wished to split up the fresh vote between Alec and you may Keith, with the second being kicked away. Yet not, Natalie made a decision to choose against Alec, merely telling Baylor from the lady aim. Alec is chosen call at an effective 4-step 3 choose.

Jaclyn, Jon, and you may Missy was confused since the Alec is eliminated rather than Keith. Whether it is actually found that Natalie voted facing Alec more than Keith, she played it well while the a blunder. Baylor is laughing when Jon try eating upwards Natalie’s lie. On Reward Difficulties, Natalie was teamed which have Baylor and Jaclyn nonetheless they missing. Natalie try the person who was delivered to Exile Island. Towards the Exile Island, Natalie mirrored with the undeniable fact that it was the fresh longest she went in place of Nadiya. From the Defense mechanisms Issue, Natalie acquired individual immunity system more than Jon. Natalie planned to perform a torn choose ranging from Jaclyn and you will Jon should your second used their Invisible Immunity Idol. Natalie expected Baylor to get the woman mom to enter Jaclyn’s name down. Even if Missy had the lady bookings, she performed vote up against Jaclyn plus the vote try a two-2-2 vote. In the event it was time for you revote, Jon are chosen out.

Immediately after Tribal Council, an angry Jaclyn visited shout from the Natalie on her betrayal. Natalie is actually happier about Jaclyn’s outburst because it carry out discourage individuals away from working with the woman. Even though Natalie got an undertake Missy and you may Baylor and work out they to the stop together with her, she wasn’t up against it is therefore with the finals that have Jaclyn and you may Keith. Keith obtained another Prize Difficulties, that was for an advantage during the final 5 Immunity Issue. Afterward, said advantage assisted Keith win disease fighting capability. Within Tribal Council, Natalie, trying to increase this lady restart, decided to explore the woman Hidden Immunity system Idol into Jaclyn and blindside Baylor.

Despite Natalie eliminating their de, Missy was not crazy which have Natalie due to the fact she didn’t have to vote aside Baylor. The women after that assented one to Keith ought to be the you to taken aside 2nd. At Last Disease fighting capability Difficulty, it absolutely was originally between Keith and you will Natalie. Although not, Jaclyn solved this new secret earliest, hence acceptance her to win latest immune system more than Natalie. Natalie was worried about Jaclyn and Missy switching on the girl. Yet not, the women voted away Keith during the Tribal Council.

Winners on Battle

Within Final Tribal Council, Natalie’s starting declaration is one to she was worthy since the she fulfilled this new requirements out-of outwit, outplay, and you can survive much more than the almost every other women that she was beside having, and you will elaborated for each one. Natalie ended the lady declaration by the saying that she thought that the fresh vibrant flow to have Missy and Jaclyn have to have come voting the lady away past Tribal Council over Keith. Jeremy recommended for Natalie, telling the latest jury they have no alternatives but so you’re able to prize the girl when he believed her to-be the best member. In the event that choose came, Natalie is declared the actual only real Survivor over Jaclyn and you may Missy when you look at the a beneficial 5-2-1 vote.


  • Natalie sensed moving to Sri Lanka to open up an effective CrossFit having fun with their winnings.
  • Natalie, and seven almost every other former castaways, competed towards the a great Survivor version of Price is Proper primetime special you to aired toward . Natalie and her partner, John, did not ensure it is up on phase.

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